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Decorative secondo piano nobile Santo Stefano

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San Marco



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Decorative secondo piano nobile Santo Stefano

An elegant and spacious palazzo piano nobile with many additional features in San Marco

An elegant and spacious palazzo piano nobile with many additional features in San Marco

A beautiful frescoed secondo piano nobile apartment of an historic palazzetto tucked away in the far corner of the quiet and classic Campo Santo Stefano. The property has good views of the Campo, canal, and gardens. It has original Venetian features: terrazzo and parquet floors, decorative wooden beams, completely frescoed reception room, and a balcony overlooking the campo. 

Open campo views on the south east facing side and canal/garden views on the west facing side.

With 3/4 reception rooms, 3/4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, it is the perfect canvas to create a quite exceptional private home. It has a separate kitchen, laundry room space, separate maid's room.

The very spacious entrance can be used also as a dining hall - with delightful small private chapel. Very spacious storage space at ground floor. There is a lift, and a private water gate.

Canal views



Water gate

Magazzino storage space

Floor plan

What attracted us to this property

I adore this property as it is so full of atmosphere and has a wonderful patina. In addition to its tucked away location, great views, and that all important lift. it is really the history and feel of the place that fascinates me so much. The space is flexible and would make an amazing restoration to become a stunning home.

San Marco

This is the historical centre of the town with Piazza San Marco at its very heart and with Venice’s most coveted museums: Palazzo Ducale and Museo Correr. The buildings in this area of town are all on a fabulously grand scale. You will find most of the designer shops and luxury brands around here, including a number of fine jewellers and designers hidden among the colonnades of the piazza itself. The best time to visit is in the evening when the sun sets over the curved domes of St. Mark’s Basilica and live music sweeps across the piazza, defined by Napoleon as the “finest drawing room in Europe”.

Tucked away in the corner of Campo Santo Stefano - a dream location, so central yet always a quiet feel, its space and grandeur always impresses me and I love strolling through it to the Grand Canal.