When someone buys a property from us we like to stay in touch with them to provide an excellent after sales service, and quite often to take on their property for rental if they so wish, via our sister company www.veniceprestige.com. Occasionally we even manage to persuade our buyers to find the time to write about their experiences with us – here are some buyer feedback reports which we think you will enjoy…

  • Palazzo Grandine II Venice Sotheby's Realty
    Palazzo Grandine II Venice Sotheby's Realty
Our practice, John Simpson Architects (based in Bloomsbury in the centre of London), carries out projects across the world – in Britain, Europe and the USA. Our work ranges from the design of a major new university facility or an urban extension of a town to the design of an individual house or interior of a shop, often in historic and sensitive urban locations. But we had never worked in Venice until now. For twenty years my wife and I had dreamed of buying an historic property in Venice, to contribute to Venice’s upkeep and to be able to carefully transform a neglected property into a wonderful second home. We had seen many, many apartments, none of which seemed quite right but when Ann-Marie from Venice Sotheby’s Realty showed us the Palazzo Grimani we knew instantly that we had found the right property. It is a wonderful piano nobile floor of a palazzo close to the Gritti and dating back to the seventeenth century. For many years it had been used as the Bridge Club of Venice and had the advantage of having had remarkably little maintenance (or, most importantly, intervention) over the years. It had many original features, most of which had been covered in several layers of paint as well as the grime of centuries, but underneath much had survived relatively intact! We realised immediately that this would make a stunning home, and with Ann-Marie’s and Andrea’s help we were able to agree a good price which would reflect the huge amount of work involved in the restoration. Since work started we have uncovered spectacular terrazzo floors and more stucco work and frescos – it is a wonderful journey of discovery. Ann-Marie’s and Andrea’s consistent help, support and understanding (and patience!) have been invaluable in guiding us through the complications of a purchase of an historic listed property in Venice. Venice Sotheby’s Realty is following our progress in their video blog – soon we hope to have the finished product! JS LONDON
With a hectic lifestyle and many work commitments, our aim was to find a family weekend property somewhere in Europe and easily accessible, an ‘all year round’ place, and with something to interest both us and our teenage children (and their friends!) in terms of art, culture, music, as well as of course offering relaxed weekend living and an outdoor lifestyle… it didn’t take us long to home in on Venice as a first choice to tick all these boxes….
Having very little time, and flying in and out only a couple of times, we were pleased to meet Ann-Marie and Andrea from Venice Sothebys. We felt they quickly understood what we were looking for and showed us several possible properties, one of which spot on – a beautiful apartment, newly restored, in an historic palazzo with both canal and campo views – perfect for us.
Having no language or cultural barriers was a huge plus…Ann-Marie is English and was able help us out at every stage and throughout the whole process of buying in Italy. She negotiated a great deal for us, put us in touch with an English-speaking lawyer and accountant, arranged for some extra works to be done in time for completion, and also introduced us to a designer to turn our style (I am a designer too) into reality and make it all hassle free for us…
We have bought as a long term investment – we are not planning to let — but of course we know that Venice has an active and high level rentals market – so it could be an option in the future….
We have been more than pleased with the service we received and we are delighted with our new acquisition.. we would fully recommend Venice Sotheby’s Realty EF London
Quand il s’agit d’acheter un bien immobilier à l’étranger, c’est toujours difficile car il faut bien appréhender la réglementation et les lois en vigueur dans le pays.
En faisant le choix de s’appuyer sur l’agence Sotheby’s à Venise, nous avons bénéficié d’une démarche très professionnelle qui consiste en premier lieu à nous sensibiliser sur ces aspects structurants avant de se lancer dans une acquisition.
Ensuite nous avons fixé, avec Ann-Marie et Andrea, notre cahier des charges de ce que nous recherchions.
Après seulement cinq visites de qualité , nous avons eu le coup de foudre pour un appartement fabuleux situé dans le palazzo Molin.
Ann-Marie et Andrea se sont fortement impliqués pour faire aboutir la transaction en trouvant le meilleur compromis pour les deux parties et pas seulement pour le propriétaire qu’ils représentaient.
Il est à noter que nous avions vécu une première expérience très positive avec Sotheby’s pour l’acquisition d’une propriété en France et à la montagne.
Je voudrais souligner, au-delà de leur professionnalisme et de leur gentillesse, l’extrême disponibilité et la forte implication de Ann-Marie et Andrea pour nous accompagner dans ce projet jusqu’à nous organiser des rendez-vous avec des entreprises pour la réalisation de quelques travaux d’aménagement, mais également en nous assistant lors de ces rendez-vous pour s’assurer que tout se passait bien.
Grâce à Ann-Marie et Andrea, notre achat s’est déroulé dans des conditions parfaites.
Dans ce contexte de sérénité et de grande confiance, nous avons pu accéder à notre rêve : avoir un appartement à Venise !!GC Paris

Andrea, Ann-Marie:
Thanks again for the recommendation on our apartment, all the help in this complicated process and for the heads up on other advisors to help us.  Looking forward to staying in touch as my wife and I forward in this new adventure.  We visited the apartment today with Giovanni to discuss next steps. Exciting!

Many thanks one again

FM March 2018