Palazzo Grimani Restoration – Part II

I am here at Palazzo Grimani opposite the Gritti to see how work is progressing on the fabulous restoration project by John Simpson Architects on the piano nobile of Palazzo Grimani in San Marco …… when John and Erica bought this they could have only guessed at the wonderful stucchi and decorations hidden under layers and layers of paint, 19th and early 20th century additions, and general swapping about of rooms

They have set about to create a wonderful home which will be both visually stunning yet have all the things that we need today … from air con to great bathrooms and other electronic gadgets that I can only guess at now….. they have had delays with the usual permissions as of course everything is tightly controlled here, as it should be, but being ‘in the field’ they understand these things…… and always seem relentlessly cheerful to me!

Here are some littl vignettes showing the work on progress, together with a little chat between myself and John about how things are going

I will report back next month on progress!