DESIGN, RENOVATION and contemporary FURNISHING in venice

The Veneto – home of top Italian design and furniture production

INTRALINE is our company of choice to recommend to those clients who love refinement and look for expertise, a customised turnkey service and with established costs and any level of budget. Our clients have very little time so it’s essential to have an excellent company to recommend….. and we are happy to do so, as the personal touch is so important for us



INTRALINE in their words….

Intraline designs with special attention to detail, in addition to  providing flawless furniture supply and installation. We offer a personalized turnkey service with one reference person co-ordinating the various skills of architect, engineer, carpenter, electrician, plumber et al…providing state of the art quality, with maximum attention to detail as part of the whole.
Every client is unique, with his own desires and tastes. We listen to you and walk you through the process of understanding, choosing and deciding.


  • Initial inspection
  • concept and estimate with subsequent refinements for the specific needs of the client (choices, costs, time)
  • a detailed project to avoid any unforeseen surprises
  • a well ordered and managed worksite, with punctual deadlines.
    Intraline IS Decorating and Design

“You understand the mollusc by the shell, and the man by his house.”

        Victor Ugo


Kitchen design by Intraline/ Furniture by  Armani Casa/ Fabrics by Rubelli

Decorating as a creative, dynamic activity, as well as a passion for detail, colour, light and materials. Design as careful alchemy; fulfilment of functional, cosmetic and spatial needs; interpretation of unique living environments, free from limitations and archetypes.


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