An insight into Venice and the world of property


I missed writing my blog when I was here in October –  I was so busy I literally didn’t have a minute to myself…but here is the next instalment now

It’s now November and I am back – I travelled late Saturday night, so tomorrow I can actually have a much longed-for free day in Venice!

On Sunday evening I plan to go to the lovely Hilton spa for a relaxing pre-trip massage, but first during the day I want to see a couple of exhibitions, especially the Coco Chanel one at Ca’ Pesaro, as well as the new amazing Fondaco Dei Tedeschi Grand Canal  shopping palazzo – it’s so close to Palazzo Molin, which makes staying here ideal for sending my many parcels over for delivery!

We recently had the person who organised the amazing Launch party and events stay at Molin for 6 weeks – his feedback was amazing.

He wrote ‘What a great property. Spacious, luxurious and comfortable. Staff were amazing. Perfect location.’ That’s praise indeed from such a sophisticated world traveller…

Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky

As you probably know, I like to stay in different apartments each time I come – but am staying again at one of my favourites –  the divine Longhi at Palazzo Molin

Canaletto Palazzo Molin  
Guardi Palazzo Molin Venice Prestige Luxury Rental apartments Venice
Guardi Palazzo Molin

Thinking ahead, on Monday morning I plan to meet my Milan equivalent to chat about how we work together – at Florian – why not!

This week we have a press trip for 3 days starting on Tuesday, a London based international Private Jet magazine who want to feature our amazing private places to stay – so we are going to show them some stunning properties. We have totally redesigned our websites to offer only  the very best in Venice for rental or sale.
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An amazing day
I hit the new Fondaco dei Tedeschi department store on the Grand Canal (or as I like to call it ‘Handbag Heaven’)  by 11. It’s totally architecturally inspiring having been done by an international world class team, a monument to Venice’s merchant history… unique. I am totally impressed, and the rooftop terrace is spectacular too.

Sunday in autumn is always quiet in Venice -forgetting I am in Italy I get to the supermarket at 1 to find it already closed – they haven’t heard of 7/11 here! Indeed no self respecting Italian would need to shop on a Sunday – they wouldn’t be that disorganised! Sunday feels very relaxing here, spending time with family and friends, window shopping and just wandering about and people watching… fun!

Tomorrow as I mentioned I am meeting my Sothebys Milan colleague for a chat as he is here with his family for a few days, and in the afternoon off to the Aman (always a pleasure) to meet some London clients who want to find something special to buy – with a budget of €3/4m you would think it would be easy, but they don’t want to do any restoration and it has to be on Dorsoduro – we have the perfect thing but they want to see several to compare – I hope they are wearing good walking shoes! Our last client was wearing Prada heels – looked amazing but Venice is a place for serious walking!


Have had a lovely afternoon with these exceptional English clients – it always helps when people give you immediate feedback and aren’t afraid to express their opinions – much easier for us to understand what they want, how the apartment is going to work for their family and so on.  They saw something they love but as they have a higher budget they may want to keep looking.  It’s so important to find the right thing that works for you and that you love beyond measure. Buying in Venice is an emotional and spiritual purchase..and is just as much about dream fulfilment as hard investment.

Home by 7 to my favourite apartment Longhi Palazzo Molin– total luxury.


My London journalists from the private jet mag plus  my PR person arrive today, to  stay at Palazzetto Salute Grand Canal. Where better? This is an incredible stunning and unique property, recently re-furbished to exacting standards by some completely visionary foreign clients. Luckily they arrive just in time for a lovely lunch at Beccafico in Campo Santo Stefano. Traditionally in early November it’s still warm enough to sit outside. I choose my favourite lunchtime dish of risotto di pesce – no-one does it better.

They are keen to see as many things as possible in their short time so this pm we fit in the lovely Palazzo Garzoni Moro which is having the finishing touches done to the RUBELLI show apartment and to the courtyard – watch this space! Tomorrow they have full day seeing the top apartments on the Grand canal to let.

After a long relaxing lunch we head back to the apartment for a coffee and to lounge about enjoy the amazing views – quite spectacular. Dinner this evening will be low key as they were up at 4am, and we have lots to do in the next couple of days!


I have said this many times before but Venice is a super place to be -whether you are on holiday, have a place here, or, like me, rushing about for meetings, everything is so close by and you can be everything and everywhere at once.  In between showing the journalists around I manage to fit in a Notary sale, a meeting with my Commercialista, and several meetings with other clients owners and potential sellers… I just couldn’t do that anywhere else.

I also catch up on the amazing Palazzo Grimani restoration being done by John Simpson Architects London  – every time I go it looks more amazing. It really is a mini Hall of Mirrors ‘a la Versailles’. The restorers are working very hard on the extensive restoration of the stucchi and frescoes, and furniture coming soon – very exciting!

Dinner this evening at the excellent Osteria San Marco in the Frezzeria – we are joined by Enrico Isacchi who does wonderful private guide visits for us. His English is amazing and he is great company.  The boys decide to stay on for a nightcap while I head home to sleep!


The press group leave today – they have had a truly amazing time and have fitted in exhibitions, galleries, great food and lots of prosecco tasting too. You can’t fail to enjoy Venice! We wave them off in a lovely wooden water taxi and they glide away to the airport.

PM I pick up with more meetings as well as show a divine off-market property to some French clients before they too leave for the airport – Venice is the ultimate ‘fly in fly out’ place. They love it and decide to make an offer very close to the asking price on the spot – it’s a unique and amazing property.  I hope they decide to let it in the future but I think they may just be planning to use it for their extended family. It’s beautiful and I want it!

I am staying on till Monday evening as I have to meet an important client who will only be here then – we sold an amazing Grand Canal property to him last year and now I am going to see how it’s coming on – this is the best part of what I do – workiing with clients to advise them on interiors and what the sophisticated International client is looking for as a place to stay – I try to veer people away from over personalising their homes – Tyrolean style or John Lewis or faux Venetian not good.  Luckily he tells me he has decided to use our recommended design company so  it will look amazing


During the weekend I will catch up with friends and work. I am also re-locating to an apartment we let on Giudecca owned by some lovely English clients but which is a bit neglected now as they hardly ever come – indeed when I arrive I am put off by the enormity of the task but I spend a couple of days updating it – I am super organised and love interior design so it’s enjoyable – I discover that they have an amazing book collection of lovely art and design books just stashed in cupboards! And lots of clutter I just simply can’t live with… so straight to the store room. The furniture needs re-arranging and I buy some new covers cushions and throws –  total transformation! This is honestly my favourite thing to do in the world. I live in fear of bad taste!


Met the delightful new owner of what is going to be a stunning property on the Grand Canal….the last time I saw it was when it was empty and a bit sad on the day of the sale. He shows me round and I breathe a huge sigh of relief – it’s stunning and will appeal to clients at the highest level. Now we need to wait for it to be furnished to take photographs.  I already have some clients wanting to take it for Biennale next year.


Back to London and meetings with clients here – it never stops! November used to be the quiet time for sales but we are run off our feet – lots of big sales going on.  Its the US elections which we wonder how will affect us – everything in the world is changing, but fortunately in Venice at a much slower rate, and on a human scale